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VMware Horizon View 5.1.1 Security Server shows LDAP errors (2083784)

· The security server logs flood with LDAP messages. · VMware Horizon View Security debug log shows a huge amount of LDAP errors. · You see the error: [ws_admin] Failed to bind to... Published: 7/22/14

安装 ESX 4.0 和 vCenter 4.0 的最佳实践 (2049573)

免责声明:本文为 Installing ESX 4.0 and vCenter 4.0 best practices (1009080) 的翻译版本。尽管我们会不断努力为本文提供最佳翻译版本,但本地化的内容可能会过时。有关最新内容,请参见英文版本。 本文提供无忧安装 vSphere ESX 4.0 和 vCenter Server 4.0 所需信息的快速参考。... Published: 7/22/14

Technology and recession are cutting into blue collar jobs

The National Bureau of Economic Research just published a paper that confirms what you might have been thinking for a long time now: recession and technology have been putting people out of work. Since we've yet to design a self-aware robot or AI...

Talking BeagleBoard with [Jason Kridner]

[Jason Kridner] is a member of the i3 Detroit hackerspace and during the Hackaday meet-up we were able to spend a few minutes talking about what’s going on with BeagleBoard right now. For those of you that don’t know, BeagleBoard is a non-profit foundation which guides the open hardware initiative of the same name. This includes BeagleBone which is the third iteration of the platform. [Jason's] a good guy to talk to about this as he co-founded the organization and has been the driving force in the community ever since.

Right now the organization is participating in the Google Summer of Code. This initiative allows students to propose open source coding projects which will help move the community forward. Students with accepted proposals were paired with mentors and are paid for the quality code which is produced. One of the projects this year is a 100 Megahertz, 14-channel Logic Analyzer which [Jason] is waving around in the video. It’s the GSoC project of [Kumar Abhishek] and you can learn more from his proposal.

Also of interest in the video is a discussion about the power of the BeagleBone’s PRUs, or Programmable Real-Time Units. They’re basically unused microcontrollers that have direct access to a lot of the processor’s features and are just waiting for you to bend them to your will. Having these is a huge boon for hardware hackers. If you haven’t played with them before, check out our earlier article on what PRUs are all about and then give it a whirl yourself.

After the break there’s a brief table of contents which maps the topics in the video above.

  • 0:40 – Discussion of the Programmable Real-Time Units (PRUs) on the BeagleBoard
  • 2:51 – BeagleBoard and the Google Summer of Code
  • 4:19 – 100 MHz, 14-channel Logic Analyzer which is a product of the Google Summer of Code

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无法使用在 XP/Vista/7 上运行的 VMware Infrastructure Client 连接到远程 CD-ROM 驱动器 (2075834)

免责声明:本文为 Cannot connect to a remote CD-ROM drive using VMware Infrastructure Client running on XP/Vista/7 (1009065) 的翻译版本。尽管我们会不断努力为本文提供最佳翻译版本,但本地化的内容可能会过时。有关最新内容,请参见英文版本。... Published: 7/22/14

VMware vCenter Server のステータス アラームが継続的に緑から黄色に切り替わる (2084287)

免責事項: これは英文の記事 「VMware vCenter Server status alarms continually changing from green to yellow (1017878) 」の日本語訳です。記事はベストエフォートで翻訳を� �めているため、ローカライズ化コンテンツは最新情報ではない可能性があります。最新情報は英語版の記事で参照してください。... Published: 7/22/14

在 VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat 中配置和测试警示 (2077865)

免责声明:本文为 Configuring and testing alerts in VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat (1008607) 的翻译版本。尽管我们会不断努力为本文提供最佳翻译版本,但本地化的内容可能会过时。有关最新内容,请参见英文版本。... Published: 7/22/14

This amazing magical tree produces 40 different types of fruit

This amazing magical tree produces 40 different types of fruit

Sam Van Aken discovered that an old New York state orchard—with varieties of stone fruit 200 years old—was about to be abandoned in 2008. He bought it to save those species but also to experiment: Grafting from the existing trees he created the magical Tree of 40 Fruit, which produces over 40 types of fruit.


Google Maps now gives you detailed ads for local stores

Google Maps already shows a wealth of info about nearby stores when you're searching for them, but ads haven't received that first-class treatment. Like it or not, that's changing; Maps on mobile and the web now shows you a whole raft of details for...

排错主机磁盘 I/O 性能问题 (2030454)

免责声明:本文为  Troubleshooting hosted disk I/O performance problems (1008885) 的翻译版本。尽管我们会不断努力为本文提供最佳翻译版本,但本地化的内容可能会过时。有关最新内容,请参见英文版本。 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ·... Published: 7/22/14

在 Ubuntu 客户系统手动编译 VMware Tools 内核模块 (2030455)

免责声明:本文为 Manually building VMware Tools kernel modules in Ubuntu guests (1008973) 的翻译版本。尽管我们会不断努力为本文提供最佳翻译版本,但本地化的内容可能会过时。有关最新内容,请参见英文版本。 在安装 VMware Tools 过程中运行 /usr/bin/vmware-config-tools.pl 脚本时,您可能需要在... Published: 7/22/14